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.Beyond the expectations.

We are providing our clients sustainable and ethical garment manufacturing and production services.

Strategically our office is placed geographically in areas close to garment factories, apparel manufacturers, and suppliers, which means we have the ability to get quotes from multiple factories for you at the same time.

We have an experienced team who are bridging the gap between business leaders and the best manufacturers in Türkiye. Our team is able to provide you with superb quality control and merchandising, to keep a close eye on garment manufacturing and production.

We have the capacity to locate suppliers, identify products, source fabrics, and manage all research operations required for your brand initiatives. The supplier network that we have is our treasure; we have trusted their quality for 30 years. Our suppliers become your suppliers, and with our seamless communication and directives, we ensure a smooth collaboration.


We guarantee to find the product you envision in the Turkish market at competitive pricing.


We support our clients with our logistic distribution. We work with first-class forwarders as well as budget-friendly ones. We ensure that our logistic team will support you in any size shipment. We make sure that the products provide quality assurance and are sent to your address. Just relax and wait; we will handle everything for you.


We are your design team; we create all tech-packs, drawing and measurement even from a simple picture you send us.


İf you don't have an in-house photographer, we can support you on that too! As we promised.

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